Building name: Frank Gehry's Fish
Year: 1992
Architect: Frank Gehry
City: Barcelona ( Spain)

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"El Peix" (The Fish) is a striking and iconic sculpture located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry. Here are some details about this remarkable artwork:

Design Concept

"El Peix" was commissioned as part of the urban revitalization project for the waterfront area of Barcelona in preparation for the 1992 Summer Olympics. Frank Gehry, known for his avant-garde and sculptural architecture, was chosen to create a monumental sculpture that would serve as a symbol of the city's transformation.

Fish Symbolism

The design of "El Peix" is inspired by the form of a fish, a nod to Barcelona's maritime history and its close relationship with the Mediterranean Sea. The fish is a recurring motif in Gehry's work, symbolizing vitality, movement, and the fluidity of water. The sculpture is also a playful and whimsical addition to the waterfront, adding a sense of joy and surprise to the landscape.

Materials and Construction

"El Peix" is made primarily of stainless steel, a material frequently used by Gehry for its reflective properties and ability to catch and reflect light. The sculpture measures about 56 meters in length (185 feet) and weighs approximately 35 metric tons. It is suspended above the water on a series of steel cables, giving the illusion that the fish is swimming gracefully through the air.

Curvilinear Form

The sculpture's form is characterized by its sinuous curves and organic shapes, resembling the graceful movement of a fish in water. Gehry's design process often involves creating free-form shapes and then refining them into dynamic and sculptural structures. "El Peix" exemplifies this approach, with its undulating lines and fluid silhouette.

Vibrant Colors

In addition to its fluid form, "El Peix" is also notable for its vibrant colors. The scales of the fish are painted in shades of blue, silver, and gold, creating a shimmering effect that changes with the light. The colorful palette adds to the playful and whimsical nature of the sculpture, enhancing its visual impact.

Iconic Landmark

Since its installation in 1992, "El Peix" has become one of Barcelona's most beloved and recognizable landmarks. It has become a symbol of the city's modernity, creativity, and vibrant spirit. Locals and visitors alike are drawn to the sculpture, which has become an essential stop for tourists exploring the waterfront area.

Cultural Impact

"El Peix" has had a significant cultural impact on Barcelona, contributing to the city's reputation as a hub of art and architecture. The sculpture has been featured in numerous films, advertisements, and postcards, further cementing its status as an iconic symbol of the city.

Public Interaction

One of the unique aspects of "El Peix" is its interactive nature. Visitors can walk underneath the sculpture, allowing them to experience its scale and form up close. The interplay of light and shadow, as well as the reflections on the stainless steel surface, creates an immersive and dynamic experience for those passing by.

Frank Gehry's "El Peix" (The Fish) sculpture in Barcelona is a stunning example of his bold and sculptural architectural style. Its fish-like form, vibrant colors, stainless steel construction, and interactive presence have made it an enduring symbol of Barcelona's waterfront and a beloved landmark for residents and visitors alike. The sculpture embodies Gehry's ability to create dynamic and playful works of art that engage with their surroundings and captivate the imagination.

Visits of Frank Gehry's Fish

Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta - Port Olímpic
08005 Barcelona